Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration is a serious issue. Whether it is a natural disaster or if the sink was left running when you were out, water damage will ruin a home and cause significant personal property damage.

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You need assistance quickly when you are experiencing water damage. That is why Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration is ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for any water or flood emergency. In an hour or less, we can even be on the spot anywhere in the Las Vegas, El Peso, Miami and San Francisco area and get to work right away. Before it spreads, we’ll avoid the water damage and get your home or company back to its pre-loss state.

The Procedure For Water Damage Restoration

Any water or flood damage scenario is unique. According to your unique requirements, we’ll customise a restoration plan and include a free, comprehensive estimate. Here’s a short process summary.

1. Cleaning

Cleaning and repair of emergency water starts with a call to
Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration. We are available 24/7 and will send a team to your home or company immediately to fix water damage before it spreads. We begin by collecting a bit of information over the phone so that we can analyse your situation properly:

  • Name, address and contact information for reaching you fast
  • Place and cause of water damage or flooding
  • Your information about insurance (if applicable)
  • Where on-site power is available for cleanup
  • We appreciate that this can be a difficult time and will help you through the next steps!

2. Assessment

We will examine your condition and all the water damage when our team arrives at your home or company. Typically, this entails the following:

  • Find and shut down the source of water (if you haven’t done so before arrival).
  • Determine the form of water to ensure that the repair of water damage is done adequately.
  • Inspect your property for harm and safety problems such as asbestos and related.
  • Prepare your space, including moving furniture and other objects, for restoration.

We’ll have a free estimate once the inspection is complete and review it with you, step-by – step. We’ll move ahead with our water and flood restoration services with your approval.

3. Extraction

Our 5 Star Restoration team will remove much of the water from the affected space using submersible pumps, truck-mounted vacuums and any other required equipment to stop water damage from spreading and mold from starting. This will give us a jump start on drying it all out for you as well.

In order to determine saturation and locate any water that could have gotten behind the walls or into the ceiling, we also use a number of methods, including infrared cameras.

With the full extraction, we will decide whether or not removing your carpet and carpet pad is appropriate to maintain the integrity of your subfloor. And
Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration will also help to move your furniture and other things out of the room to shield them from more harm in more serious cases.

4. Drying

Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration team will continue on to completely dry out your floors , walls and other things with water removed. If you want to prevent warping, swelling, mold and other persistent problems that will undermine any attempts at reconstruction, this is important.

We will reduce the humidity and dry your carpet, furniture, drywall, wood and other materials using industrial-strength fans and dehumidifiers. We will use highly advanced equipment during the drying process to determine the levels of moisture in the floors , walls and other areas before they hit the correct levels.

5. Reconstruction

Returning your home or company to “natural” look will take a lot of cleaning until it is dried out. This is one of our specialities at
Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration. We will, as part of our loyalty to you:

  • Help restore as many items as possible, provide the necessary cleaning techniques
  • Eliminate residual and unpleasant odours, use a portable filtration device (air scrubber)
  • Sanitize and disinfect using industrial-grade cleaning agents where necessary for your case.
  • Discard any damaged objects subject to your approval and according to insurance guidelines.

6. Remodification

Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration will now work with you and your insurance provider on the home stretch to fully rebuild your home or commercial space to the same or better condition as it was before the water damage. To repair drywall or carpet, to fix the plumbing that caused the damage in the first place, we will have efficient, licenced and insured subcontractors-whatever it takes, 5 Star Restoration has the right crew for any remodelling project.

Why Choose The Target Fire And Water Damage Restoration?

Quick Response – A flood or fire needs to be urgently handled. The longer it takes, the more the reconstruction will become lengthy and expensive. Within an hour, every day and at any time, we will respond.

For Free Estimates – A comprehensive estimate of all restoration services will be given by our experts. We’re also going to guide you through the insurance process , help with documentation, and serve as your advocate.

Guaranteed Service – The last thing you need after a fire or flood is shoddy reconstruction. That’s why we have a 1-year workmanship guarantee for any restoration job. For
Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration, honesty is everything and we strive to please our customers.