Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services In Monroe, OH

We provide high quality and reliable damage restoration for Monroe, OH properties, both commercial and residential. When you need emergency or scheduled damaged restoration services at your doorstep, we can help.

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We take care of every aspect of the damage from paint, drywall, floor, ceiling, or any other part, we do it. We have been known to be the best in Monroe, OH. We work towards making our customers satisfied with the services we provide. When you need prompt and trustworthy services at affordable prices give Target Fire and Water Damage Restorationation a call.

Water damage Restoration In Monroe, OH

If you have damage from water in your house or workplace, give Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration a call. We provide expert water damage restoration and prevention service at an affordable process. Water causes rots and mold in your house which eventually leads to damage to the structural integrity. With our damage restoration service you can reserve the effects of water.

Fire Damage Restoration In Monroe, OH

Fire damage can damage your walls, mostly your ceiling and roof if the fire was big enough. Most fire damage restoration is covered by insurance. We can help you claim the money, and bill your insurance company for all the restoration done. We understand how important having your house back to it’s original shape is that is why we work towards bringing it for you.

Mold Remediation In Monroe, OH

We remedy mold by using methods that remove the spores and fixing the root of mold growth. We will dry your walls and remove the moisture so mold doesn’t get favorable conditions to grow again. With our mold remediation, you will be able to control the growth of mold and not need mold removal every few years.

Mold Removal In Monroe, OH

Mold can be easily identified with green spots on your wall. They make your house look ugly and bring down the value of the property. They can do all sports of allergies since their spores are allergens. If the conditions are right, they will grow exponentially and destroy your house. If you want effective removal of mold, you have got us. We use effective methods of mold removal. No matter how many areas are infested, we can help you fix it.

Storm Damage Restoration In Monroe, OH

When you have been struck by a storm and a lot of your property is damaged, give us a call. We will remove the storm damage as soon as possible. Whether the damage was done by heavy wind or fallen debris or trees, we have got you covered. We have been providing storm damage restoration for years and we understand how to properly restore the damages.

Flood Damage Cleanup In Monroe, OH

Due to a variety of causes, a flood is very likely to occur. Your heating machine is leaking if your pipes have burst, wastewater is seeping out from the sewage lines, or simply rainwater is getting inside your home, it is very likely to flood basements, kitchen, or bathroom. Your floor, carpet, drywall, and so on will be wet. The water that the concrete or the furniture absorbs, even though you somehow manage to get the water out. To get rid of any drop of water, you will need professional support so that it doesn’t ruin your house later on.

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