Fire and Water Damage Restoration Services In Boston, MA

We are property damage restoration specialists in Boston, MA. We have trained and licensed professionals who have years of experience in restoring all kinds of damages on commercial and residential property.

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At Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration, we carry all the necessary equipment to restore the damages and bring back your loved property to its original beauty. We understand the love people have towards their house or even workplace and work towards reversing the damages that happen to it.

Water damage Restoration In Boston, MA

Water damage restoration is our specialty. Water slowly but surely speeds up rotting, rusting, and overall degradation. If you have water seeping, leaking, or moisture issue in any part of your house, it will eventually destroy your house. Our team is working hard to restore and reverse the damage done by water and bring back the original strength of your property.

Fire Damage Restoration In Boston, MA

We will restore the damage done by fire. If you have burned walls, ceiling damaged windows, we can restore it all. We can restore done by small or large scale damage without an issue. If you need trustworthy fire restoration, give us a call.

Mold Remediation In Boston, MA

We will remove the cause of mold and lower the intensity with which mold is infesting your house. We will clean and treat your house with a mold-proof solution so mold doesn’t grow back. With our expert remedy, you can control the growth of mold and save your property from getting destroyed by mold.

Mold Removal In Boston, MA

Mold is quite a nuisance. It will infest your walls, ceiling, and every other part of your property if not removed. We will clean the mold so your walls and ceilings look like they were never infested. When you want clean walls, a fresh-smelling interior, and a healthy environment for your house, you have got us.

Storm Damage Restoration In Boston, MA

Strom is high-velocity winds that will destroy everything in its wake. Your roof is one of the most vulnerable parts that gets destroyed. A metal roof may rip off, shingles may fly off, tiles may get broken. If your house has slidings, they can come off. Windows can have their glasses broken. Whatever might be the case or whatever kind of water damage you might have, we will make sure to provide quality restoration services as quickly as possible.

Flood Damage Cleanup In Boston, MA

Flood is very possible that can happen due to a number of reasons. If your pipes have broken, your heating unit is leaking, sewage water is seeping out from the sewage lines, or simply rainwater getting inside your house, flooded basements, kitchen, or bathroom are quite the possibility. They will wet your floor, carpet, drywall, etc. Even if you do manage to get the water out, the water that is absorbed by the floor or the carpet. You will need professional help to get rid of every drop of water so it doesn’t damage your house later on.

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