Sump Pump Repair

A sewage ejector pit pump or sump pump is a submersible pump located in the lowest point of your home, built to avoid flooding. It directs groundwater through a perimeter drain system located at the base of the building’s foundation.

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Perforated pipes allow water to flow in, and the sump pump then re-routes the water to the nearest storm drain, retention pond, or dry well. The last thing a business owner has to deal with is a flooded warehouse. Sump pump repairs should be done at least once a year. Failing to regularly test the functionality of your sump pump will put your Las Vegas or El Paso City Area commercial property at risk for water damage. During heavy rainstorms, it’s particularly critical that your sump pump is in proper working condition.

Sewage Ejector Pit Pump, Clean And Maintenance Facilities Las Vegas and El Paso

Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration will service and manage your sewage ejector pit system. A sewage ejector pit system consists of a sewage pit, or tank; a sewage ejector pump, discharge pipe, check valve and vent pipe. The sump pump motor is the most likely thing to fail. We will review your sewage ejector pit system as part of a yearly preventative maintenance programme. Only ask us about the plumbing systems inspection service contract.

How To Operate A Sump Pump

It sets off a float switch when water hits a pre-set level, which activates the sump pump to engage. The sump pump starts draining water into a nearby storm drain, outdoor field, or well at this stage. In general, sump pumps are hardwired to your electrical grid or plugged into a wall socket, but if these power sources fail in a storm, they are usually fitted with battery backup power. Sump pumps should be equipped with water-level warnings operated by batteries to help ensure that if the pump begins to fail or overflow, you are given an alert about possible flooding.

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Working with sewage ejector pumps is not something the average business owner can handle. Specialized equipment and skills are required for this kind of job, and it can also get messy pretty quickly without the proper training and experience. There are also problems with sizing and local codes to consider.

Luckily, our sewage ejector pump experts at Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration are always available to support those living in the Las Vegas and El Paso area. Not only are our qualified professionals skilled in the installation , repair, and servicing of sewage ejector pumps, but they are also well versed in all local codes and standards.