Storm Damage Restoration

At some point, all of us will encounter storms and other types of extreme weather conditions, and these incidents go off most of the time without any long-term after effects.

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However, there are some occasions where the storm will cause a degree of damage to your home or company, and when that happens, you need high quality, skilled, and competent Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration for storm damage restoration services.

In most situations, storm damage means problems due to high winds that can tear away shingles and flashing roofing, but it can also mean other damage due to heavy rain, sleet, or snow that can cause roofing to sag and collapse, as well as lightning strikes that can cause spontaneous ignition of fires on and around the house. The reconstruction of storm damage almost often crosses paths with other fields of expertise, including reconstruction of flood damage and restoration of fire damage.

We are proud to provide storm damage repair at Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration as one of our many programmes, built to negate the harm caused by the extreme weather and get you and your family back into your home and your daily routine as soon as possible. We will be on site to work to repair the damage to your home at any time , day or night, by providing emergency service on the same day, and much quicker than our direct competitors.

Our team of seasoned service providers will determine the full extent of your property’s storm damage and create an action plan to deal with it in the most successful and timely manner possible. We present this in the form of a comprehensive written estimate that helps you to see exactly what is going to take place during the reconstruction process around your house. Most storm damage would be noticeable, but at first glance, there are some components that may be invisible. We know where to look for these secret issues and how to fix them so that you are not struggling with other long-term problems down the road.

Our team will clear the debris and clean the place, giving us access to all of the property ‘s rooms, as well as removing any hazards that might be identified. We patch wall or ceiling gaps, dry out any standing water that can be found in the building, and essentially work on the project to restore your home or company to its pre-loss state. If lightning has hit the house, then fire damage reconstruction techniques can be brought to bear, cleaning away odour and soot from smoke, repainting walls, and repairing carpets and rugs in the area.

Storms typically destroy a structure’s roof, blowing tiles or shingles off. We seal the roof to prevent the elements from accessing it and improve the roof ‘s strength. We also clean out and restore damage to gutters that could have been obstructed by heavy winds, or even pushed away from the structure, causing water to spill down the side of the house or drain off into unwanted areas.

Our mission is to restore first class storm damage, leaving your property in the same state it was in before the rain began to fall and the winds picked up. In the meantime, a good repair job would go a long way to saving you time and money and removing the potential for secondary issues.

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IICRC accredited, we have worked hard to win the trust of our customers, both commercial and residential, with years of experience under our belt. We will be on site within a few short hours of your call as a full service company, ready to analyse the issue and begin the restoration process much faster and more effectively than our direct competitor. For the best of customer service, we help our customers, and we back up every job with the best guarantee from the industry. Call 915-265-5091 or send us an email today to launch your restoration project with a free estimate.