Sewage Cleanup

Sewage is probably the worst of all the types of water damage you can have in your house standing. Sewage is ugly, gross, almost any bad or unwanted word that you might come up with, and not just for all the obvious reasons.

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It smells bad and we all know what it’s made up of, but what many are not aware of is the amount of different pollutants it has from infectious agents such as bacteria , parasites, and viruses that can cause extreme discomfort or disease if humans and animals are exposed to or ingested. Likewise, waste cleanup goes well beyond just removing the property’s water. Any big cleaning as well as decontamination of all contaminated surfaces would require a complete cleanup and restoration job until the property is safe for occupancy again.

In order to be completely repaired, water soaks into the drywall and flooring in the home and will need specialised cleaning due to the porous nature of these surfaces. Hazardous diseases that are kept inside the walls of the house are the last things you need to deal with. Many restoration providers will simply clean these surfaces for years and assume them to be safe, but for both surfaces and any objects that may have been exposed to the sewage, more rigorous procedures are needed today.

Many clothes, bedding, and other upholstered products that are exposed to sewage spills should be thrown out and replaced due to the extremely toxic nature of sewage, as this is the only way to be absolutely sure that no exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses is present. If it is properly handled within 48 hours, carpeting can be saved, but even then, a complete replacement is the preferred and less costly alternative.

Why Hire Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration For Sewage Cleanup?

No matter how handy you might be, it is not something that should be done by any homeowner. To take any unnecessary risks, there are simply too many risky elements relating to this form of job. Sewage can spill into the eyes, or get through cuts or other open wounds into your system, and such contact sometimes means some significant discomfort or disease. Sewage falls under the bio-hazardous substance group and should be handled as such. Professional repair is the only way to go because of the serious threat, and our team of service technicians has the training , skills, equipment, and procedures to get the job done right, including with the biggest and most serious spills that may take place. Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration, we are dedicated to providing both residential and commercial needs with the latest in sewage removal, repair, and maintenance.

No water damage situation is going to improve on its own, and there is no exception to this rule for sewage backups and overflows. The standing water, left untreated, will continue to produce more problems as well as present a deteriorating physical hazard to your health and that of your loved ones and pets. The earlier the matter of sewage damage is taken care of, the less likely you are to deal with long-term problems such as mould , mildew, and structural problems. Within hours of your call, one phone call will bring a service technician at your home, ready to evaluate the issue and begin the cleanup process.

Why Choose The Target Fire And Water Damage Restoration?

At Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration, we have worked hard to win the trust of our customers, both commercial and residential, with years of experience under our belt. We will be on site within a few short hours of your call as a full service company, ready to analyse the issue and begin the cleanup process much faster and more effectively than any of our direct competitors. For the best of customer service, we help our customers, and we back up every job with the best guarantee from the industry.