Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

If you have a fire at your home or company, contact Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration immediately to minimize the effects immediately before it spreads.

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We’re here to support 24/7 and in less than an hour we can get a restoration crew out to Los Angeles, El Paso, Miami and San Francisco. Trust our experts to provide competent fire reconstruction, cleaning of smoke damage and even aid with water damage caused by extinguishing the fire. Need assistance with emergency fire and smoke damage? Call Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration.

The Method We Follow At Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration :

Let Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration get you back to a pre-loss state if you have fire and smoke damage at your home or business. We will be by your side during the entire process, from a damage evaluation to complete remodelling.

1. Cleaning

You’re left with destruction from the fire, as well as soot, smoke and water, until the fire is out and the immediate crisis has passed. Now is the time to contact Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration so that we can quickly dispatch a crew to you. We’re 24/7 and 365 here, and you’re still going to chat to a live partner. To better understand the nature of your needs, we will ask a few fast questions, ensuring that we get the right crew and the right equipment to your position as quickly as possible.

2. Evaluation

Even with a small fire, the damage to the space or room is not always isolated. To determine the magnitude of any damages, our fire damage repair specialists will go through the entire building. Based on our results, we will then establish a restoration plan and estimate. With this review complete, one of our experts will clarify it all to you and answer any questions you might have about the next steps.

3. Board Up

A catastrophic fire will leave the elements exposed to your home or company and endanger protection. You do not have to think about these problems with Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration. If required, we will correctly board your house, including any broken windows, damaged doors and even the roof.

4. Cleanup Shoot & Flames

Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration specialises in the methodical cleaning of flames, smoke, soot and damage to water. We are trying to rebuild your home or company in such a way that no one will ever know that there was a fire.

Each of these critical steps involves our cleanup process:

To drain all water and dry out carpets, furniture, drywall, wood and other materials, use pumps, industrial strength fans and dehumidifiers. Using advanced equipment and cleaning methods to remove smoke and soot residue from walls and other surfaces. Fix smoke odours using a portable (air scrubber) filtration device. Clean, deodorise and repair any objects or structural components that can be saved, then discard irreparable objects in compliance with insurance legislation and with your approval.

5. Remodification

Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration will work with you and your insurance provider after the cleanup is finished to completely restore your home or business to its pre-fire condition. Our subcontractors are approved for their professionalism, insured and vetted. No fire restoration project is too big or too small, from repairing your entire kitchen floor to ceiling to restoring the front of your shop.

Why Choose The Target Fire And Water Damage Restoration?

Emergency Response – Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration is here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for you. Speak live with an associate in customer service who will answer all your questions and send a team to meet your needs for restoration.

For Free Estimates – A comprehensive estimate of all restoration services will be given by our experts. We’re also going to guide you through the insurance process , help with documentation, and serve as your attorney.