Emergency Water Removal

Every second counts when you’re face-to – face with a water-damage emergency. You are practically on the clock, as within 24 to 48 hours, water damage can worsen.

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Mold and mildew would have started developing and spreading across your property by that time. There’s something to give. Our IICRC-certified restoration technicians are adept at removing water rapidly using the most sophisticated restoration equipment available in the country. At Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration, We use wet vacuums, pumps and industrial-grade fans for water removal to support us in the process.

Phase Of Emergency Water Removal

We have a comprehensive repair and cleanup process in place to better deal with water damage. The method of removal of emergency water involves:

  • Quick Contact for Emergencies
  • Evaluation Of Emergency Water Removal
  • Sanitization and Cleanup
  • Restoration

This four step procedure ensures that we can give you your home in less time overall, free of water damage. Our qualified restoration technicians will immediately get started upon arrival. To better understand your concern, we’ll assess the damage. Then, we begin draining excess water and rapidly drying the affected area using specialised restoration equipment.

Choosing Target Fire And Water Damage Restoration For Your Emergency Water Removal

We have acquired an array of industrial tools and equipment over our years of business to drain water from basements, garages, kitchens, offices and more. The number one key is to rapidly remove the water and to begin the drying process. To facilitate evaporation, we will target the water damaged area using large air moving machines. Our team of experts knows how to make sure no dampness is left behind. Damp cool areas are where mould spores can grow and potentially make people sick, causing more damage.

The area affected by water can be completely restored by our team of specialists. Water extraction and recovery are also protected by the insurance provider. We will help you work through the debate and suggest the best ways to bring your life back to normal quickly.

Why Choose The Target Fire And Water Damage Restoration?

It is no easy task to deal with emergency water damage. The longer water is allowed to stay, the more harm it does, as we have said. Mold is a sure thing once you hit the 48-hour mark. We also have specially built fans to quickly dry the area to avoid mould before it begins.