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We provide the best air duct cleaning services and always aim to make every client happy. We want you to benefit from your home’s fresh, clean air.

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We are only a call away, so schedule your appointments now to have one of our well-trained experts in air duct cleaning visit your home and clean your air ducts, vent covers, dryer vents, and any other home ventilation you want to clean. The first thing they can do when our technician visits your home is to thoroughly check your air conditioning system for any faults or appropriate cleaning. They will look at all of your air ducts and vent covers to ensure that they completely understand the work they need. They will check with you to make sure that you are fully informed of any additional cleaning or services that they suggest to ensure that you, your family, and any visitors have good , clean air in your home.

Air Duct Cleaning Benefits

It is extremely essential to clean air ducts and if you do not take care of your air conditioning system, you can increase the risk of polluted air or other issues, such as an increased energy bill or mould build-up. Your machine needs to work harder to cool your home when there is dirt or dust in your air conditioning system. This uses more energy and each month causes your bill to rise in price. We provide affordable air duct cleaning in Las Vegas and claim that if they suffer from an excessively dirty air conditioning system or air ducts, any homeowner can easily see the benefits because of the savings on their energy bill. We highly recommend that you give us a call today if you find these issues, or are worried about them presenting themselves in the future, so that we can provide a thorough inspection, a detailed cleaning, and any thorough, free estimates you might need.

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We give full estimates on all heating , air conditioning, and home ventilation needs at Air Duct Cleaning in Las Vegas, El Paso and San Francisco and other nearby city. We are able to completely clean, repair, restore, or add any HVAC-related device or part. In this sector, please stand behind our expertise and know that all our technicians are well trained and skilled in the profession of air duct cleaning. Since your air ducts are used in all of your interior spaces to circulate air, there is no reason for not taking care of them. We promise you that we will take care of all the needs of your home and will not give you any advice that we will not give our own friends or family.

Board Up & Tarup Services

Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration recognises that your property is left vulnerable and readily breached when your property undergoes renovation or has experienced a loss such as fire damage, water damage, flood, mould or other accident. The risk of vandalism, break-ins and robbery, as well as any more disruption from the rain or wind, is minimised by board-up facilities. Health, liability and protection are the key reasons for the installation of board-ups. All gaps, such as broken doors and windows with plywood & roof tarps, are quickly covered by our team.

Preventing any materials, such as mould spores and rain, can minimise the risk of future mould growth and water damage. This temporary solution saves time and money by minimising further damage before the appropriate repairs are made and the property can be occupied safely. This also relieves the liability of having to make another lawsuit because of vandalism or other elements of further injury.

Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration provides board-up and Tarp Over services and has live technicians trained to respond to emergencies. For property owners, the last thing we would like is for them to contend with another hassle and file another lawsuit for more damages. Due to the time of non-occupancy, fire damage also contributes to the need for board up services for any openings on the premises.

Tarup Over Services

Tarp Facilities Over

Tarping over is another way to help safeguard your house. In situations where there is roof damage, this technique is primarily used. Tarping over can avoid the leakage of water into your home before you can properly repair your roof. While this sounds like a quick solution, without a comprehensive inspection and assessment, it can be difficult to locate issues on the roof. It is better to leave the inspection to professionals who are qualified to manage these conditions, since the roof could be unstable. But before you can employ roofers to investigate the damage, we can provide tarp services to prevent damage to your home from leaky areas. Protect and ensure your property by board up and tarping over services. Call Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration and get in touch to prevent damage to your property.

Asbestos Abatement Services

Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration team of qualified professionals has treated the burden of lead, asbestos and mould troubles in your home for more than 10 years. The health effects of lead and asbestos are life-threatening and should be handled immediately when detected.

Why Choose The Target Fire And Water Damage Restoration?

Over the years of working in Las Vegas and El Paso and other nearby areas in the air duct cleaning industry, we have found that clients tend to deal with a business that is easy to get in touch with and is local to the area. This is why we now Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration is the primary point of contact for all duct repair cleaning and installation for all residents of Las Vegas property managers, homeowners, tenants, and developers or investors in real estate.