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Target Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage

Fire Damage

Fire Damage

Mold Removal

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Cleanup

Are you looking for reliable water damage experts?
For trustworthy, fast, and professional water damage experts at your doorstep. We are licensed and insured to provide all-round water damage services at reasonable prices for commercial and residential companies.

24/7 Services That You Can Rely On

If your basement is flooded, your water is leaking from busted pipes, or your house is damaged by fire, we will provide a complete restoration process. Our highly hard-working team has been providing restoration, renovation, and damage reversing services to homes and offices. stability of your house.

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What We Offer

When you have wet spots on the ceiling, drywall, soaked carpet, or floor from flooded water, give us a call. We have a drying industrial fan to dry the wet spots as quickly as possible.

A fire breakout will damage a lot of things in your house, it causes to burn the wall. It can blacken the ceiling from the smoke. We can provide repair for all the damages done by fire. We will patch up walls, replace parts that need removing. Once we are done you will have a house or office that resembles the pre-fire place.

If you have been facing constant mold infestation no matter how many times you remove it, mold remediation can help. We will apply the solution to the part of mold vulnerable areas so mold doesn’t grow there again.

Mold can discolor your walls and ceiling. It can damage the structure of your house, it can bring down the aesthetic beauty, cause allergies, and permeate a musty smell that is not the best. With expert mold removal solution you will be able to get rid of mold without an issue.

If parts of your house are damaged from the storm, give us a call. Flown off the roof, trees damaged windows, broken tiles, missing shingles, loose sidings, are all possible damages your house can face. We will make sure your house is restored to its original form.

Flood water can rot, soak into the floor and cause water damage. When you have flood damage in your house or workplace, let us know. We will come to your rescue as soon as possible.

Sewage water damage is of the worst kind. It can cause bacterial growth. It can make you sick, Cause bad smells. It is one of the most corrosive materials. Our team will deal with every bad thing that comes with sewage cleanup and removal.

If your sump pump has stopped working and you need services for removing water from your flooded basement, we are the people for you. We will provide all-round cleanup and drying of your flooded floor after a sump pump failure.

Water can flood your basement, kitchen, or bathroom, either from a basted pipes or rainwater, leaking roof, or whatever the reason maybe you will need immediate water removal. We will help you remove the water so you can have a safe home.

Dirty air ducts will bring down the indoor air quality of your house. It will make your house more dirty ad increase the electricity bills. Give us a call and our team will clean the air ducts.

Board Up And Tarp Over Services

If your house is damaged from a storm, fire, or any other type of disaster, you might want to board up and tarp your house. This will help to prevent further damage from happening.

Asbestos is not a safe material. The fibers of the asbestos can lodge in your lungs and cause cancer in the long run. We will help you remove the traces of asbestos from your property.

Our team also provides trauma cleanup. Making sure it looks new, without any previous traces of the trauma after the police investigation.

Affordable Services

We promise your reasonable prices services. We are thorough with our work. We make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work. Give us a call when you restoration services of the best quality.

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